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Crescent Star Horns & Hoofs Crushing Factory

Crescent Star was established in the year 1969 as an Individual firm by the name ‘Crescent Star Horns & Hoofs Crushing Factory’.
Due to Huge demand of our valued customers we installed second unit for producing high quality of Steamed Horn Hoof Grist.In 2005 the firm was converted from Individual to (AOP) Association of Persons.

Steamed Horn and Hoof Grist  
We collect it from all over the country and prepare it by highly scientific process

Crushed Hooves and Horns is a first-rate quality manure of animal origin as it's an excellent source of slow release Nitrogen. The Fertilizer is composed by ground horns and hooves from cattle and derives from healthy animals slaughtered in a slaughter house

Physical Properties

This fertilizer contains 13-14% of organic Nitrogen which derives from a particulars protein, the keratin; it contains 85% of organic (P2O5) 2-4% and microelement.
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Our History


Crescent Star horns & Hoofs Crushing Factory was established in the year 1969 as an Individual firm. Situated at Ahmed Nagar Road , Wazirabad 52000, district Gujranwala ,Punjab, Pakistan



In 1997, Due to huge demand of our valued customers, we installed our second unit with latest machinary


In 2005, our firm status was changeg from Individuall to (AOP) Association of Persons


Environment plants were intalled in our both units approved by Environment Department Government of Pakistan.
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